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Spring is Upon Us

by Ryan McCoy

Spring is fast approaching, the equinox is only a week away and the restlessness for warmer days is setting in.  Here are a few ideas, other than cleaning, that you can use to make the most of your spring.

Get Outside.

The first one may seem obvious but most of the best spring activities are outside.  Go for a hike or a bike ride. Go on a picnic or have a cook out. Take a trip camping, though perhaps wait until later in spring for that.  

You can check out some of the great local parks.  The North Bend Rail Trail is a 72 mile hiking and biking trail that follows an old railroad and goes through several tunnels.  Some of which are even rumored to be haunted. Another park is the McDonough Wildlife Refuge. It is on Rosemar Road and you can’t miss it, the statues of a turkey and a deer guard the entrance. The park has several hiking trails and is a great way to get a dose of nature.

A trip to Blennerhasset Island is another fun way to spend a day in late spring.  The island is accessed by a boat and offers walking tours and wagon rides all while learning about some of the history of the area.  The island also offers primitive camping for those who make reservations and for youth groups such as 4-H.

A great outside activity for kids is Easter egg hunting.  Easter always falls on a Sunday and Easter weekend always has several Easter egg hunts, usually at the local parks, some individuals also hosts egg hunts so keep your eyes peeled.  You could even start a new tradition by hosting one yourself.

Go to a show.

Not every day in spring is nice enough to go outside.  On these days, the area still has plenty that you can do. There are several theatres in the area, one of which is the Actor’s Guild. The first show of spring begins April 20.  It is the classic To Kill a Mockingbird.  Another local theatre, the Smoot, will have the award winning musical, Million Dollar Quartet.  The Adelphia in Marietta has a wide variety of bands coming in.  WVU Parkersburg is also hosting a concert on March 24. The lineup consists of The Cold Stares, Thru the Mill and Creek Don’t Rise.   

Grow something.

Two holidays at the end of April are all about nature, specifically plants.  These are Earth Day and Arbor Day. These are both good days to spend enjoying nature and learning about our planet.  WVU Parkersburg has an annual Earth Day exposition where representatives from local parks, environmental societies, and some of the college science professors set up booths about Earth based topics.  Last year, one group handed out saplings for people to take home and plant. Planting a tree is also a great way to leave a lasting impact on an area, something that can be appreciated for generations.  

Late spring is also the time for starting a garden. Growing your own food can be hard work, but it is the best way to get the freshest vegetables on your table.  Even something as simple as planting some flowers can be rewarding. They can add color and some natural beauty to any environment, and for those in town, they may be easier than a tree or a garden.

No matter what you do, don’t let this spring pass by. Go out and make some memories!

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