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WVU Parkersburg Students: Safety First

by Alex Kimble

WVU Parkersburg decided to go safety first with making a decision to install solar lights. Recently at WVU Parkersburg  a sign at the main entrance was destroyed on Route 47. Though the driver wasn’t injured, the insurance will reimburse WVU Parkersburg for the damage.

The school plans on using this bad circumstance as a way to upgrade the area with solar lights on both sides of the WVU Parkersburg sign. That way, it will prevent accidents in the future. Here are three different way for WVU Parkersburg students can remain safe on the road:

First, keep your eyes on the road at all times. You have all kinds of different circumstances that can draw your attention away from the road; changing the station on the radio, dropping something on the floor, a phone call or text, communication in the car and so forth. Your safety should be the top priority while operating the vehicle. You should keep your mind on the road while the vehicle is in motion. Urge yourself to wait until the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light to change the station on the radio, answer a text or pick something up from the floor.

Second, follow the speed limits of the roads. I know at times you are late and in a rush to get to work or school. For your safety, and everyone else’s on the road, you should refrain yourself from exceeding the speed limit. As long as it isn’t a consistant thing, your boss or teacher will understand why you are late. I’m sure your family, boss and teacher would much rather hear “you are late” rather than “you are dead” or “seriously injured in a auto accident.”

Third, have patience for other drivers. At times, we will always have that guy who is going really slow in front of you, or a driver sitting in front of you and just sitting there despite no cars coming when trying to attempt to leave a parking lot. You may have the urge to just go beside him and just leave the parking lot since he isn’t going to is there, but just have patience with people. Do not have a road rage incident that possibly gets recorded and posted online. That isn’t something  you want to see on television and go viral. You may be sent to an anger management class and force you to pet an invisible cat. Do you want that? Well, do you?

It is important for WVU Parkersburg students to be safety first. There is nothing worth more than your life and well-being. You need to follow the speed limits or you’ll get a ticket. As college students, we don’t need to be in any more debt. It is important to have patience ladies and gentleman, or they’ll force you to pet an invisible cat. In conclusion, we as students at WVU Parkersburg are happy about the safety measures the college is making. Remember students, safety first!

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