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WVU Parkersburg Names New Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration

WVU Parkersburg promoted Alice Harris to Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration on Feb. 4, 2018.

Harris’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Marshall University. She also is a licensed certified public accountant who developed her own firm where she offered a variety of services to those in the Mid-Ohio Valley from 2001 to 2013. Now, Harris is part of the United Way Alliance and the ARC of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

With this new role, Harris will not only help the incoming WVU Parkersburg President adapt but she will also add new items to her list of responsibilities.

With becoming Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration, Harris will:

  • Take charge when the President is absent
  • Continue to help WVU Parkersburg grow and develop by assisting the President with reaching out to organizations
  • Attend meeting to keep a good relationship with the CTC and the WVCTCS
  • Assist with the coordination of campus-wide HLC accreditation efforts
  • Let the President know about her involvement in different affairs, and he/she will offer advice  



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