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Grader: Swipe Right into Class

by the Chronicle Staff

Have you ever wondered if picking classes, teachers or staff could be as easy as swiping right or left on a potential life partner?

Well, your friendly neighborhood writers at the Chronicle have taken the time to prepare for you profiles of professors and classes that made Tinder the cultural social app it has been in the U.S. This is not about dating your teacher or adviser, but rather, would you take this teachers class or utilize their administrative knowledge.

The writers at the Chronicle have interviewed professors and staff about their classes and divisions to get the description of each straight from the source. Now, it is time for you to take a look through and decide whether to swipe left or right for future semesters with the new and fun look of Grader.  

After reviewing the Grader profiles, vote for your favorite on the Chronicle’s Facebook.

1. Dr. Torie Jackson “TJacks”



2. Andrew Walker


3. Monica James


4. Drew Carpenter

Drew Grader.png

5. Jennifer “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” Randolph

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 3.44.22 PM.png

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