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Coffee and Tea Shop Opens in Downtown Parkersburg

by Lane Hughes

Unity Cafe is a small and simplistic coffee shop nestled within downtown Market and 7th street in downtown Parkersburg. The heavily Bulgarian influenced cafe boasts traits of authenticity and ethnicity as well as a perspective on a democratic understanding that operations are ran and carried through by baristas. The only job requirement is yielding experience and understanding of the passion in order to fulfill full service and quality needs.

People of today demand the rich craft of brewing coffee carefully and confidently along with the important elements that help do so. For example, the the element of steaming and texturizing organic dairy milk (often almond or skim) with impeccable persistence and knowing the origin and organic qualities of the bean. Be it a light-roasted espresso or richly dark bean, these are some traits that are crucial to the credibility and quality of a modern-day, new-age coffee shop.

The coffee, brewed as black and decaf, is owned and produced by Aroma of the Andes, a wholesale distributor of specialty and organic coffee located and based out of West Virginia with farm property in Columbia. Similar quality of origin characteristics can be found in Unity Cafe’s organic espresso beans, provided from a company called Deans Bean’s out of Michigan.

The interior of Unity Cafe is a colorful and tasteful nod at the native Bulgarian culture that provides theme and nuance to the shop with bright red and yellow tablecloths and novelties that sit atop stained wood tables and shelving. The espresso and coffee mugs are vibrantly scattered as layers of the rainbow.

Steam will often rise in the air from the hot iron that grills the cafe’s signature crepes. These delicious treates come in sweet and savory variations with Bulgarian and American renditions. Bar-top tables with high stools are snapped along the corner of the shop, providing comfortable seating for all who wish to drink their coffee and go to work on their laptop. There is free wi-fi available that will cater to your network needs.

Nestled in the far back of the interior is a small room decorated with American culture and nuance. Comfortable couches sit beside a bookshelf with vast selections of reading. This back cranny of the coffee shop is a pristine area for on-the-road work or to just serve as a secluded corner for introverted privacy and calmness.

Good coffee is essentially useless without being catered and utilized correctly by an experienced and competent barista. There is no middle grounds to be found in the importance of correctly crafted drinks at Unity. These beverages are made with precise understanding of what coffee drinkers want, and will give you what you were expecting rather than allowing you to leave with disappointing complacency.

Unity Cafe is an authentic coffee shop that provides adept awareness and understanding of the delicacy of coffee and tea, and offers consistently delicious craft drinks. The crepes here are made  from the hands of Bulgarian influence and are insanely delicious. This shop is not overly complex in what it offers. It is a testimony to the minimalist understanding of “less is more” rather than a convoluted and unnecessarily crowded menu. It is truly a priviledge to experience this specialty coffee shop and take advantage of its location.

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