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Undercurrent Fest to be Held in Marietta

by Lane Hughes

The next installment of the Undercurrent Festival, a local music festival organized by Hold the Note magazine, will take place in Marietta, Ohio. People’s Bank Theatre is hosting the event Feb. 9 and 10. 

The ensemble-like, post-rock band, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, headlines Saturday. The band will share their elements of emo and indie instrumentation, pushing forward the vocal melodies and spoken word verses that brought them notable success.

The main vision for this winter festival is to showcase the talent that is derived from the neighboring parts of Ohio and West Virginia. All performing bands and artists reside within a short radius from the Mid-Ohio-Valley. Some of which, still live here or have in years prior.

Community support of local music is essential in the growing process of musical success, and that is entirely the motive of the Undercurrent Winter Festival. There is limitless talent within the region. Many of the artists and bands performing in February like Cassius at Best (an alternative indie-rock band from Marietta) and Wilson Raps (a rap outfit hailing from equal grounds), are grinding out unending efforts to succeed in the industry. Support and genuine care for music is essential in allowing local music to thrive and expand farther out than our home turf.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit 


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