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Night Vibe with Roxie Clyde

by Brooke Buchanan

If you’re looking for a new show to listen to on WPKM, 96.3 FM, check out Night Vibe with Roxie Clyde, starring Ariana Boyce.

Being called “Roxie” as a child, Boyce thought this family nickname would be perfect for the show. “I had a show about a year and a half ago called The Vibe. I wanted to change things up and have my own alter ego for the show,” Boyce said. “I was sitting on my back porch one day and it just came to me. I liked the sound of it.”

Boyce’s show is pre-recorded, and she creates all the content for it. “I enjoy flying solo; but I definitely like the dynamic, when having a cohost on the show, that appreciates the work I’m putting into it. It’s refreshing,” Boyce said.

Although she does the show solo, she has had one co-host, Stephen Storey. “Not only was I her first cohost, this was my first time co-hosting. It was such a good experience, and we plan on doing it again,” Storey said.

Storey hosts his own show, Psychic Mothman, which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on WPKM 96.3 FM.

Boyce plays EDM, electronic, chill and ambient songs on the show.

Boyce became interested in radio after the realization she listened to genres that varied from typical playlists. “ I was inspired by the feeling I had when listening to electronic music. I wanted to share that music with people in our community,” Boyce said. “I felt like it gave me the release I needed when I had a hard week. I wanted other people to be able to feel that too.”

Boyce hopes listeners loosen up and have a good time while listening to Night Vibe with Roxie Clyde. “I want my show to be somewhere people can come listen and not think about anything else. I want the music I play to be something people can lose themselves in,” Boyce said.

Night Vibe with Roxie Clyde, starring Ariana Boyce, airs Saturday nights from 10 p.m. until midnight on WPKM 96.3 FM.


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