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Selection Committee Q&A: What is a key quality you are looking for in the future WVU Parkersburg President?

by Jessica Madison


“ I would be interested in a candidate who understands West Virginia and its education system. Ideally, this person would understand the culture of our students and would therefore lead our campus in the direction of continued student success.” – Dr. Torie Jackson


We want a great leader that can manage the day-to-day operations with confidence. We would like someone who takes advice and guidance well. We want someone who can step into the role and keep the positive momentum the college has, and move forward and progressing towards some of the big goals we have for the near future…” – SGA President Austin Grimmett


“They would possess the most important communication skill which is listening. They also understand and appreciate the importance of diversity and inclusion.” – Social Justice Committee Co-chair Debbie Richards


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