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Pryce’s Project

by Brooke Buchanan

The Vienna native and 2014 WVU Parkersburg graduate, Kara Rollyson, is giving back to those who gave to her and her family through Pryce’s Project.

Pryce’s Project began in 2016 after Pryce Rollyson, son of Kara and Derek Rollyson, was born with a heart defect. “We spent 18 days at Ruby Memorial PICU with our son,” Kara Rollyson said. “We came home Oct. 10 and kept thinking to ourselves of a way we could say thank you to everyone who helped save our son’s life.”

The Rollysons were fortunate enough to come home for the holidays, but they knew that not everyone had this luxury. “That is when we came up with the idea to host an event where the community would donate items need and gifts for the PICU rather than pay money. We are then able to take this items to Ruby where they are sorted and distributed among the patients,” Kara Rollyson said.

Currently, Pryce’s Project only benefits Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV; however, Pryce’s Project is hopefully expanding to Camden Clark in the future. “I spoke with someone at Camden Clark about reaching out locally as well, and she is working on getting information for me so hopefully we can expand our donation reach next year.”

Items that need collected include: soap, shampoo, lotion, detangler, hair brushes, baby blankets, slippers (kids-teens), stuffed animals, infant sleepers (no zippers), elastic headbands (no metal clips), socks, clothing for all ages, toys, headphones, rattles, small noise making toys, teethers, sippy cups, and pacifiers (not the Nuk brand).

To donate items, contact Kara Rollyson at

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