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Parent Services at WVU Parkersburg

by Chelsea Ayers

Going to school can be a challenging time to balance time and family, and it can be especially difficult for new parents. Luckily, WVU Parkersburg is recognizing the importance of parent needs as they try to earn their degree.

Within the past year, WVU Parkersburg has dedicated room 0102B on the ground level to be a secure lactation room. The room is furnished with table, chair, compact fridge for same-day storage, labeling supplies, hand sanitizer and paper towel dispenser, disinfecting wipes, waste basket, coat hangers, full-length mirror, informative pamphlets, and other resources. The room is also secured by key card only access and an inside privacy lock to help mothers feel safe. To get a key-card for the room, you can contact the Student Services in room 1019 or Human Resources in room 1008.

Another great resource that new parents might not be aware of is the Center for Early Learning, which is located behind the campus. This center is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m for children 13 months through 6 years of age. This allows parents to take their children to a secure center that is employed by trained professionals so they can pursue their degree.

Attending the center allows children to develop appropriate practices through hands-on play based activities and experiences that will meet the needs of each individually unique child. At the center, children are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner at no additional cost. The center also has a fenced in outdoor play area which gives extra classroom outside that can include music, arts, science, gardens and an area to play. Another great feature is the security guard that is on campus during operational hours; helping parents relax while their child is away from them.

Toddler 1 (13 mon-24mon)

Toddler 2 (24mon-36 mon)

Student Rates


Community Rates


10 hours- 20 hours $115 $130
Over 20 hours (full time) $145 $160


Preschool (3,4,5 years old) Student Rates


Community Rates


10 hours- 20 hours $100 $125
Over 20 hours (full time) $130 $155
Drop in care Ages 2 and up 4 hours max per day $5 per hour $5 per hour


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