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Goliath Goes Down

by Kyle Kessell

The school of champions, Parkersburg High School, added to its impressive resume as both the boys and girls cross country teams took home gold in the Mountain State Athletic Conference. A huge accomplishment in its own right, but makes all the more impressive by taking down the proverbial Goliath of the MSAC, Cabell Midland.

“I can’t remember a time that Cabell Midland’s boys didn’t win,” head coach Larry Games commented on the significance of its 55-66 victory.

Coming into the event, Cabell Midland was a 17-time defending MSAC champion.

Not to take anything away from the girls team, however, because they also beat a tough Cabell team, 52-65, to win their first MSAC gold crown since 2010.

The boys had three top 10 finishers in Domenick (4), Lake (8) and Bradford (9). While the girls had two top five finishers in Collett (2) and Dario (5).

Both teams now look forward to capturing a state championship. Last year, the boys finished third in the state meet, and coach Games has said he wants to finish the same or better.

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