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Q&A: How has the IEI fire and loss of instructional time affected the rest of your semester?


“It has put me behind in my digital imaging class as I can only do that on campus…” -Amy Wilson


“I don’t think it did to much but, I have not made it to any of my classes to see how much off the syllabus we are.” – Hayden Kramer


“I am an education major and our education applications are due in tomorrow 10/31. We have to have all of our professor evaluations done by then, so it has put a lot of pressure on us to get them done today.” – Madison Pierce


“It is a matter of the individual classes. For example, my online classes were not affected at all. In one class, we were ahead so that just put us right back on track. Then, in one of my other classes, we were a little behind. Now, I am looking to revise the schedule so I can still cover what is needed.”- Mathematics Department Coordinator Chris Cunningham


“It has put us in a crunch. I have to combine two days of lecture into one day. This means I have to cut out extra examples and just make it the bare bones of the materials. We will also not get as much discussion time as I like to have to make sure the students understand the materials.” – Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Andrew Walker



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