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IT is an Absolute Scream

by Chelsea Ayers

Do you see It? Pennywise The Dancing Clown? The children sure do. Derry, Maine seems like a great place to live until Georgie, a six-year-old boy, vanishes leaving only a puddle of blood behind and he’s not the only one. As the children of Derry start to disappear, leaving no clues or suspects to blame, the parents make curfews and keep a safe eye out to protect their children. However, what they don’t know is that the children know exactly what’s happening, because they are the only ones that can see It.

Andy Muschietti’s adaption of Stephen King’s novel “IT” takes us into the horrific events that the Loser Club endures in the summer of 1989. The Loser Club consists of seven children; Georgie’s brother Bill, Richie, Ben, Eddie, Beverly, Mike and Stanley as they each face their own demons along the way.

Throughout the movie, we see It take on many different roles of horror as it shape shifts into characters that scare each individual child. It even shifts into a red balloon to lure them into going with Pennywise, so they can all float together.

This film is sure to have you gasping, and even laughing, throughout the whole film. This is thanks to the amazing acting scenes that take place to blow your mind and the children’s sense of humor. This film is set to be one of the best horror movie adaptations of all time. “IT: Chapter One” is not a movie you want to skip out on. Muschietti’s adaption of “IT” will be talked about for many generations to come.

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