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From the Progressive Mind: Why Are We Here

by Gary Thompson

Why are we here?  I am here because I want to be here.

I was born and raised in Parkersburg; I attended the public school here; I attended PCC (Parkersburg Community College), an earlier classification for WVU Parkersburg.  I received a good education.

That was many years ago.  I left Parkersburg and lived on the West Coast in Seattle and San Francisco for many years.  I worked at Sun Microsystems and was a part of the Silicon Valley explosion.  The office I sat in was taken over by Facebook.

Now, I am an instructor in computer science at WVU Parkersburg.  I am here to give back to the community that gave me the opportunity to be what I am today.

Why are you here?  I can’t answer that, only you can.  Why are you here?  I choose to assume that you are here to advance your opportunities, to improve your position in life, to partake of the knowledge and experience that your instructors have to offer.

Maybe you are a worker who has been temporarily removed from the workforce and are attending college for the first time in your life.  You are welcome here.  Maybe you are a recent graduate who is attending college right out of high school. You are welcome here.  Maybe you are a single mother or father, or a member of a young couple who is trying desperately to improve their situation in life to support their family.  You are welcome here.  Maybe you are the first in your family who has ever attended college.  You are welcome here.  Maybe you are struggling to return from a period of your life that involved substance abuse. You are welcome here.

Maybe your situation is different from all these examples, but one fact remains:

You are welcome here!   




1 Comment on From the Progressive Mind: Why Are We Here

  1. Great topic! I am here because I want to make a difference in my community and provide opportunities for our region and the next generation. The Mid-Ohio Valley is my home and has been home to my family for several generations.

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