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Jump Into Fall with Community Education Classes

by Chelsea Ayers

If you have ever wanted to develop life skills, grow your own business, learn technical skills or even enhance your favorite hobbies, WVU Parkersburg is the perfect place to go. WVU Parkersburg is offering something for everyone with 94 community classes this fall.

The community education classes are perfect for anyone. Other classes this fall include small business, computer software, do it yourself auto and fall fun. You can learn how to make a wreath, figure out how a drivetrain system works, learn American Sign Language or perfect your photography skills right here in Parkersburg.

So, whether you are wanting to start your own business, learn Zumba, be more aware of cyber security or even learn some history, WVU Parkersburg is the perfect place for you to start a new journey.

You must enroll at least one week prior to the class to reserve your spot.

For a full list of available courses with the costs and start times please visit

For more information, please call 304-424-8383 or email

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