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WVU Parkersburg Parking Lot to Encourage Safety

by Savannah Wade

WVU Parkersburg recently stripped away the old parking lot to pave the way for safety changes.

The cost of paving and stripping was about $150,000. All funds from parking passes have paid for the changes.

In the process, five to seven parking spaces were lost. Spaces are now positioned sideways rather than a straight line to encourage students to slow down. New signs have also been put up to help enforce the speed limit. There will be a radar sign added that will show current speed along with additional speed limit signs in the near future.

“The whole idea of the new parking lot is solely for the safety of everyone on campus,” Campus Police Officer Al Collins said.

In addition to the new signs, all lighting in the parking lot will be changed. There will be multiple LED lights installed. The LED lights are two times brighter than the current ones and will brighten the parking lot in the evenings.

There was enough money leftover to strip and repave the upper lot which should last for five to ten years.  Future plans are determined by the Business Office Vice President and available funds throughout the semester.


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