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Thundering Herd Student Turns Riverhawk

by Chelsea Ayers

Throughout your college career, it is likely that you will change plans at some point whether it be your major, your minor or the school you attend. After making the decision to transfer from a major university to WVU Parkersburg, Jocelyn Vogt-McCoy gives her insight to the differences between Marshall University and our very own WVU Parkersburg.


Where did you previously attend and what was your major?

Marshall University- Exercise Science


Why did you choose to leave and why did you choose WVU Parkersburg?

I wanted to leave because I missed being able to see my family and actually go home everyday. I also didn’t know many people or get involved in much there. I chose WVUP because it’s close to home, my friends from high school are here and my boyfriend graduated from WVUP.


What is something you like about WVU Parkersburg?

I enjoy WVUP mainly because most of my professors cared to learn my name. At a bigger university, they don’t care as much.


What is the biggest change?

My commute to class. I used to live in a dorm, so it would take me at most 10 minutes to walk to class. Now, I have a 40 minute drive. I don’t mind it, it just makes me more responsible to be on time.


What is something you miss about your old college?

Living in the dorm with my roommate is one of the only things I miss. We had so much fun goofing around and hanging out with some other friends we made. I’m so glad I got to live in a dorm for a year to get that experience.


What are you looking forward to in your future at WVU Parkersburg?

I’m looking forward to the nursing program. I changed my major from exercise science to nursing. I used to be nervous about finding a job if I didn’t go to graduate school. My mom is a nurse, and she’s happy so I decided to go into nursing.

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