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Classic Plastics Reaches Community

by Megg Kesterson

The Classic Plastics Toy Store in Parkersburg is a diamond in the ruff with its location at 406 Market Street in Downtown PKB. Their vintage 70s to 90s feel is something that just simply is not around anymore. Their slogan is, “It’s okay to be a kid again,” and at Classic Plastics, it is easy to forget that you are an adult. When you walk in, it feels like you took a step back in time. Did I mention they have so many toys and over a dozen vintage stand up arcade machines for 25 cents per play?

Classic Plastics has a large assortment of items, with prices for everyone from the casual to more passionate collectors. You can browse through great toy lines like Buffy, Doctor Who, Funko, Ghostbusters, Marvel, Masters of the Universe, NECA, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Transformers, Star Wars, Willow, WWE and more! They also carry vintage Pokemon cards, comics, graphic novels and vintage video games.

“Stock is constantly changing and we’re always getting new inventory so see us in person to get a look,” owner Tony Workman said.

The staff is friendly, and you can tell they are really trying to help connect the Mid-Ohio Valley with their lost childhood toys. They try their part in helping you complete an incomplete figure, or finding the last figure you need to complete a collection.

Tony, the owner, was asked by a local podcast, Dueling Ogres, what got him interested in selling toys and he responded with, “pretty much my love of them. I’ve always had toys, and I never really grew out of it. So, I wanted to keep that going and turned a hobby into a business. I always loved going to the arcade when I was a kid. There was a movie theater that my parents would take my brothers and me to. Before every movie, we would sit there and play arcade games until it was time to go in and watch it. I’ve watched them all shut down all over the place, and I just wanted to try and bring that back.”

Each year Classic Plastics Toy Store has been in business, it has reached out to the community to try and raise awareness for other local businesses downtown. They sponsor and participate in numerous Downtown PKB and ArtsBridge events, and they even sponsor their own Classic Plastics Toy and Comic Expo every year. This year’s expo had thousands flocking to Downtown Parkersburg.

In addition to all the big events they put on, they also have a free arcade day once a month, and it is posted on their website and facebook page. It is just what it sounds like – you just come in and play free arcades all day. Classic Plastics not only sells great vintage toys, but they also buy from customers and are constantly looking for new and unique merchandise. So if you want a blast from the past, to buy or sell a toy or just some nostalgic fun, check out Classic Plastic Toy Store.

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