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Listen for Some Nostalgia

by Tyler Hilbert

The hit radio show “Nostalgia” is recorded and aired right from WVU Parkersburg campus. WPKM 96.3 hosts a number of great shows to listen to but only one can take you back in time. “Nostalgia’s” focus is mainly 90s and early 2000s music from different genres like “The Cardigans” and “Britney Spears”. The show airs from 8-9p.m. on Mondays. Listening to this show really takes the listener back in time along with great commentary by the shows hosts.

Jessica “Strawberry” Fields and Kyle Nichols host “Nostalgia” which began at the start of the spring 2017, Kyle is a Broadcasting and Public Relations student at WVU Parkersburg. He has a variety of interests, but his goals are publishing a book/graphic novel and doing something involving broadcasting. He is also a talented cartoonist who designed the WPKM Beet logo.

Jessica Fields aka “Strawberry Fields” is getting her bachelors degree in Broadcasting at WVU Parkersburg. After graduation, she hopes to work for PBS, and someday, HGTV.

Both Jessi and Kyle are great hosts and add a very conversational atmosphere to the show. They both said their favorite thing about recording the show is the fun of reminiscing on music from the past.

Jessi and Kyle started this show from their love of the 90s-2000s era. Many artists, styles and pop culture from that time are lost. Britney Spears, Rugrats and Furbies are all examples of a simpler time that history has seen. All these examples and more have inspired them to commemorate the blooming of the 21st century.

“I like it because we find music that is forgotten or lost from history that I can enjoy. Every time we look for music we always end up coming across something that we fall for that we want to play,” Kyle said.

“ It’s nice getting to record with someone I am close with, its nice just to record and have fun while preparing for our show and picking out music together. It’s a real blast from the past!” Jessi said.

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