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WVU Parkersburg Displays Clothesline Project

by Kayla Lynch

“Will I ever be able to just leave?”

The Clothesline Project, a 70 shirt display for both survivors/victims of sexual assault and for survivors/victims of domestic violence, was on display in the Multipurpose Room of WVU Parkersburg. Each shirt is decorated with messages representing the individual’s personal experience of pain, loss, confusion and freedom from these things. All the shirts on display were from individuals in the region. Making these shirts is part of a healing process for survivors of violence.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so the WVUP Social Justice Committee thought that bringing this display to campus would be a way to raise awareness about the effects of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“It is a very touching display and it breaks my heart every time I see it,” said Debbie Richards.

Helpful literature was also provided by the Family Crisis Intervention Center during the display. There will be another opportunity to view the Clothesline Project when it is displayed at our Jackson County Center in Ripley on April 19.

Any woman who would like to make a shirt representing her personal experience with sexual assault or domestic violence or any family member who would like to make a shirt in memory of a woman lost to violence should call the Family Crisis Intervention Center of Region V, Inc., in Parkersburg for information at 304-428-2333 or 800-794-2335 for more details.

In addition to April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it is also Autism Awareness Month.

Autism is now one in every 68 children in the United States. To show your support for people with autism, individuals can wear an Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon. There are pins, magnets and badges available to show your support.

To purchase these objects, learn more about autism or to donate to the Autism Society, visit

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