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HVAC Unit Refurbishment

by Tyler Hilbert

Currently, WVU Parkersburg’s HVAC Unit #1 is being refurbished; it is one of four units that are 49 years old. It is enclosed in a large stainless steel covering in the basement of the main building. This unit provides heating and cooling for the 1100, 1200 and 2200 hallways as well as the entire Banana Wing. Refurbishing means that everything inside the steel enclosure is being replaced such as new motors, coils, valves and such. The total cost for the project is approximately $130,000 as opposed to $600,000 if the old unit was to be taken out and replaced with a pre-built unit.

“The project should only take around two weeks to complete and should have no effect on The Bookstore, Tutoring Center, Student Lounge, Library and 1300 Hallway classrooms. It was decided to do this project now, in the spring, to avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures. Since the unit is so old, it is also better that there is a plan for when and how it is taken out of service rather than risking it failing and being down for months. Students and faculty in the affected areas are advised to check the forecast for each day and dress accordingly to keep from being too cold or hot,” Alice Harris Vice President of Finance and Administration said.

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