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Ecohawks Host Earth Expo

by Casey Argabrite

As things began to warm up and the earth begins to pop flowers out of her soil, the Ecohawks will be hosting their Earth Expo, April 19, 2017 from 10 a.m. 3 p.m. for all who may attend. The event takes place just a few days before Earth Day (April 22.).

“The general topics that we are wanting to get across is to be able to spread awareness about different environmental issues,” said Megan Westbrook, President of the Ecohawks.

During the event, students will be able to learn about the current and growing problems with our environment and how they can make their earth a better place.

“What we are hoping that people take from this is to be able to learn about the different environmental issues that are currently going on throughout the local area and around the world,” Westbrooks said.

The Earth Expo is a way for students to learn more about their environment and learn what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only will students will be learning about the global environment, but the local environment what they can to do to help.

“There are some ways that people can help improve their own environment. Some of the ways that people can improve their environment can be, as simple as recycling, switching lights to the energy efficient bulbs, not littering the environment, not pouring different chemicals and toxins into the water systems or airways, and turning off lights after leaving a room. There are still more ways to improve your environment from the simple to things that could be considered more complex,” Westbrook said.

This April will not only host the Earth Expo and Earth Day, but also Earth Month. Thirty days dedicated to helping our environment and improving our Mother Earth. Take action this Earth Day, and plant some flowers or even a tree. Clean up your end of the street, and pick up someone else’s trash this Earth Day.


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