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WVU Parkersburg Holds Student Election

by Kayla Lynch

On April 17 and 18, the student government election will take place. Student Government Association officers as well as student awards for Faculty, Staff and Adjunct of the Year will be voted on. Any student taking at least one credit hour is eligible to vote.

Austin Grimmett is running for SGA President, with Justin Bosley running for Vice President and Collin Hill running for Vice President of Jackson County Campus. These positions were not contested and will be official following the election. As for the current officers in those positions, President Bill Bell will be student teaching in the fall, and Vice President Juliane Beckett and President of JCC Annette Landis will both be graduating at the end of this semester.

There is one contested SGA officer race. Daniel Steele is running for re-election as Secretary/Treasurer, while Jenny Blosser is running against him for the position she previously occupied. This is a re-match of the election one year ago.

A debate for the contested race, as well as a Q&A session with other candidates, will be before the election. New officers will take their positions at the beginning of the fall semester.

Student awards were nominated through SGA members and will be put to a vote by the student body during the same election. Winners will be recognized at the Student Awards Ceremony at the end of April.

2017 Student Election Ballot

SGA Officers

President (choose one)

  • Austin Grimmett

Vice President (choose one)

  • Justin Bosley

Secretary/Treasurer (choose one)

  • Jenny Blosser
  • Daniel Steele

Vice President, JCC (choose one)

  • Collin Hill

Senators (up to 9 elected)

  • Faith Blosser
  • Marshall Campbell
  • Morgan Carez
  • Benjamin Houghton
  • Tonya Morrison
  • Sharon O’Neill
  • Joseph Pitts

JCC Senators (up to 3 elected)

  • Clayton Gibbs

SGA Yearly Awards

Faculty of the Year:

• Aaron Crites
• Larry Muller
• Rebecca Phillips
• Andrew Walker

Staff of the Year:

• Deborah “Sam” Berg
• Shawn Healy
• Kurt Klettner
• Al Collins
• Tyler Lewis
• Brandon Amos

Adjunct of the Year:

• Jen DeMeyer
• Walter Gould
• John Phipps
• Rosemary Stull

JCC Faculty of the Year:

• Andrew Carpenter
• Joyce Stover

JCC Staff of the Year:

• Angie Carmichael
• Barbie Dunbar
• Becky Scarberry

JCC Adjunct of the Year:

• Connie Cadle
• Dean Fisher
• Steve Tipton

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