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Hurry Up and Listen

by Kyle Kessell

Since the start of last September, Tyler Bennett and Josh Hughes got together to produce and host a radio show for the student operated radio station here. The show is called “The Hurry Up,” and it revolves around the big three in sports: the NFL, NBA and MLB with occasionally bringing the world of professional wrestling. The show isn’t always surrounded by news from these sports, because if there is nothing of merit to report on Major League Baseball, for example, then they talk about what is most relevant happening in the world of sports.

Talking about sports comes easy for the two as they both started watching when they were young. For Josh, it’s all about Philadelphia Eagles and any Boston team while Tyler is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Indians and Anaheim Ducks. Of course every sports fan has their own bias when it comes to talking about it, but Josh and Tyler are able to set aside their bias to deliver a sports talk show that anyone can enjoy.

When it comes to recording, Bennett likes to wait until they sit down in the studio to start talking about sports as it helps save those “heat of the moment” spots for the show rather than only a few people hearing it. Not talking about sports and preparing for recording isn’t the hardest part of the show, but rather finding time to record. Bennett is from Ravenswood, which makes it difficult to fit a time for Josh and him to sit down for an hour.

After finishing up school, Josh would like continue sports broadcasting or become an athletic director at a high school or a college. Bennett is open to continuing sports journalism, but is flexible and would be happy in doing something that can make him a comfortable living.

Josh and Bennett are always happy to have listeners and would be excited to have more guests to keep the show interesting. If you would like to be a guest sometime and have knowledge on a certain sport or a variety of them, you can contact Josh or Bennett at the radio station on most days. You can catch “The Hurry Up” on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. on 96.3 WPKM.


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