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Jackson County Annual Chili Cook-Off

by Tyler Hilbert

The Jackson County campus of WVU Parkersburg has an annual tradition that really spices up the spring. Jackson County had its annual chili cook-off Wednesday. March 1, with a great turnout and lots of good food. The event ran from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. with all aspects of the Jackson County community participating. Participants of the cook-off included; (All Staff Program Assistants), Angie Carmichael, Barbie Dunbar, Bill Dunbar (Maintenance), Dean Fisher (Adjunct Facility), Robin Gorrell, wife of Dean Gorrell, Becky Scarberry, and Joyce Stover (Full-Time Faculty). In addition to chili, participants were also treated to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, assorted desserts and soft drinks.

“There was quite a variety ranging from hot and spicy to white chili; truly something to suit every taste. After the voting, it was determined that the Co-Champions this year were Dean Fisher and Becky Scarberry. All were scrumptious and the participation of all is greatly appreciated,” John Gorrell, Dean of the Jackson County Campus said.

The way the cook-off itself works is that each pot of chili is labeled with a number to assure anonymity. One ladle of any chili could be bought for 25 cents then the purchaser got one vote for each ladle purchased. Just being one of a series of events sponsored by the Jackson County Student Government Association to help the local food pantry, $42.45 was raised. They are also the sponsor of a current food drive to benefit the pantry with several large boxes of canned goods having been collected so far.

This chili cook-off was a great way to help raise money for such a good cause. Many low-income families rely on emergency food assistance from our nations food banks, food pantries and feeding programs in order to make ends meet. Food pantries and food banks distribute food and grocery items that serve families, children, seniors and others at risk of hunger. These systems help schools, senior centers, disaster relief and many other facilities that are need of food and nutrition. This is a great cause and a fun and competitive way to raise money to help others that are less fortunate.


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