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YouTube Sparks CO Creations

by Casey Argabrite

Corbin Owens created CO Creations during the fifth grade to start writing his own comic books and graphics. Corbin Owens currently attends West Liberty, and when he is not studying, he is working on his company by uploading YouTube videos twice a week, called Geek Room, and branching off in many other geeky outlets.

“During my senior year of high school, I had to take graphic classes, and I thought it was fun and became decent at it. I obviously wasn’t getting out any comics soon, so I began making pins and graphics,” Corbin says in his YouTube video addressing the history of CO Creations.

Corbin Owens began this company with Anthony Dickens, who is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army and a co-writer with Corbin, and Gary McLaughlin, who currently attends WVU Parkersburg and works on Perlers, and Andrew Strauss, who is the illustrator of CO creations and is an independent artist. Hannah Argabrite, who also attends WVU Parkersburg, Alex Khoury and Hogan Vaughan are gamer analysts for CO Creations YouTube, Geek Room.

“Our company has branched out in all forms of art, we have digital art, we got painters, stickers, sowing, clauses, and if there is anyone out there wanting to add more art to our company, call us.” Corbin said

“Now for YouTube, I just started getting into my senior year and I really enjoyed using YouTube and the channel began just for CO Creations and new things that were happening, but then I started doing unboxings and vlogs, and weekly halls and I was like, this isn’t really just about CO Creations now, so I renamed it to the Geek Room last April.” Corbin said

YouTube channel, you will find many videos, mostly commentary and gaming videos, which have taken YouTube by storm in recent years. These include a long series of lets plays of Left for Dead, and Left for Dead II, which includes many people in the company.

“I joined during my freshmen year as the illustrator of CO Creations comic books, and I really like what the company has blossomed into. We started with just creating comic books and it moved into many geeky outlets, like painting, pins, pillows, graphics, YouTube, and most of all, Pop Cons and Comic Cons,” Illustrator and painter for CO Creations Andrew Strauss says.

CO Creations will be attending the Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo for the first time, but it isn’t their first con. They try to attend River City Comic Con and West Virginia Pop Culture Con annually. This will be CO Creations fifth convention.

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