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He Said, She Said: Rings Movie Review

by Casey Argabrite and Ashley Sampson

Casey said:

It has been fifteen years since the last “Ring” movie. This reboot of their franchise was an passable start to open up more movies. You will find that “Rings” does not waste any time with getting to the plot. Most movies build a bit of a story before getting into the horror, but right off you get slapped with the Ring coming out and getting right down to business. The first scene is set in an airplane where a guy and girl are talking and it seems the guy is very disturbed.

He talks with this girl saying, “Did you know about this tape? When you watch it, a girl calls you and tells you have seven days to live? Well today is seven days and there is only five minutes left.”

The directors throw that into your face almost as a reminder to what the main plot is about to all the movies. Perhaps, because it has been a while since we have all seen a Ring movie. Then, it cuts away and we meet new main characters. The girlfriend Julia, and her boyfriend, Holt are the main characters in the “Rings” movie. Julia helps Holt pack for college. Once there, he gets involved with his biology teacher, Gabriel, and his experiment. Gabriel comes up with a way to keep living past the seven days by making a digital copy of the tape and having someone else watch it. Gabriel calls this process a “Tail.” Holt has trouble getting a tail, and then, Julia comes searching for him, because he was not able to get to the phone. She drives from her hometown to his. She finds him, and then watches Holt’s copy without his approval. When she is watching, you will see she has extra images in her tape. Gabriel and Holt find that these are messages that are trying to tell Julia to come and free the Ring. So, they go on a long adventure trying to find if the Ring resting, or you may say, not resting.

“The Ring” has joined the horror movie classics, but with its new installment, its plot tends to have many dead ends. “Rings” lacks a strong plot to keep people tuned into the movie. During the quest to free the monster, the movie also slows down a bit, and as Julia sees more images, it becomes more confusing. The movie itself, however it is pretty gory and has many scary twists that will make you look away, which is what most fans of “The Ring” franchise came for.

Ashley said:

On the day of Feb. 4, 2017, some friends and I went to see the new horror film “Rings.” Being a horror fan, I’d say it was worth the money.

This film is a new chapter in the “Ring” franchise. It is about a young woman who begins to worry about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape that is said to kill anyone seven days after they watch it. She then sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend. While doing so, she makes a discovery that no one else noticed: there is a movie within the movie that no one has yet seen.

The couple then travel to Samara’s birthplace to find out more history behind the tape. While researching, they find information about her parents that no ever knew about. After what they think is the end of the curse, they return home to find that it is not quite over yet.

The movie had some excellent special effects and was full of jump scares, which every horror fan loves. However, there were a few parts that I didn’t particularly care for. The plot line was satisfactory and everything I look for in a horror movie.

All together the movie was better than what I had expected it to be. I was pleased that in this movie, we get a better history of where Samara came from and a little more detail about her life. However, the ending is not what I was expecting.

This film hasn’t received the best ratings, but in my opinion, I was satisfied with how this movie turned out. I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone who is a fan of modern day horror.



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