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Student Engagement Activities Brings Build-A-Bear to Campus

by Ariana Boyce

The Student Engagement Activities is a student lead organization that helps bring students at WVU Parkersburg closer together with other peers, faculty, and the community. The director of SEA, James Liebau is a student at WVU Parkersburg. He has worked closely with Michelle Nabors, a faculty advisor who oversees all events and runs the budget for the organization. The two have also received help from J.B. Skidmore, the Head of Special Events and Programs for SEA.

The three of them have succeeded in making this organization a very important asset to the campus. SEA has also worked closely with small businesses in the Parkersburg area such as The Coffee Bar, Serenity Coffee House, and Kona Ice to help unite the community with the students on campus. For example, in 2016, SEA partnered up with The Coffee Bar in Downtown Parkersburg to host a trivia night. The students who attended received discounted products and had an opportunity to engage with other students who otherwise they may have never met before.

The first event conducted in 2017 by the organization is an event you will not want to miss out on. A Build-A-Bear workshop will be making its way to WVU Parkersburg right in time for Valentine’s Day. This free event will be taking place on Wednesday, Feb. 8 in the multi-purpose room. There will be five different types of fuzzy animals to stuff for a sweetie, loved one, friend or even yourself. 

SEA is working hard to bring the students of WVU Parkersburg closer together by holding events and giving students opportunities to be exposed to others who many have the same interests as them. SEA has built long lasting friendships between people in the community, students, faculty and businesses in the area.

If you are interested in building an inclusive community by joining the board of Student Engagement Activities, please contact James Liebau at

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