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MAC Club Meets with Board of Governors

by Megan Woods

During the Jan. 11 Board of Governors meeting, the Media and Communication Club at WVU Parkersburg presented material to the attendees that showed the importance of various club events as well as student engagement.

While showcasing a variety of statistics to prove that student organizations boosted morale as well as student involvement, the Board of Governors began to view organizations as a necessity of the college instead of an option.

The MAC Club President, James Liebau, stated that the main goal of the meeting was to “be a voice for the student body,” and demonstrate that students do care about the college. By allowing various clubs to host events on campus, it would present the college to the community as a welcoming institution of advanced education.

By leaving this place better than you found it students can benefit from coming to classes, as well as volunteering or participating in a club.

Nest Fest offered proof that student involvement improved morale and that student involvement was achievable even with a smaller budget. The MAC Club hosted this event for the second time this past fall, focusing more on the students.

Nest Fest also opened doors to promote the college to the community with an event at the Pottery Place, as well as College Trivia night at the Coffee Bar. It also gained more participation from the student body this year as compared to last year.

As a result, showing engagement within the college proved to be a considerable improvement in morale. The Board of Governors showed support to increase student involvement through various events. No negative comments were expressed from either side.

Moving onward, the MAC Club looks forward to present various events and finding a way to let the student body know through various forms of social media. They are also looking for different clubs that host events, and collaborate with those clubs to host a variety of events for students.

If you’re interested in joining the MAC Club, contact James Liebau at or visit room 2201.

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