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Top 6 Sports Games of 2016

by Tyler Bennett

What a season, what a season!

For the first time since the early 2000s it is a good time to be a fan of sports and video games that represent sports.

From Madden finally catching up with the competition and returning to the Playstation 2 glory days, to NBA 2K continuing to make the game fun for career mode and MyTeam players and even though being the only Major League Baseball on consoles, MLB The Show is still putting out great games and this year is no different.

For fans of soccer, depending on their playing style, you have three great choices in taking your team to glory.

With many great games, it is hard to make a choice, but with using my data and along with science, I can proudly say that I figured out the best of the best.

6.Madden 17

Madden is not a bad game, but when comparing it to others, it does not stack up to the rest.

The gameplay is improving to make it fun for both casual and simulation style of players and the presentation and commentary is best in the series to date. The only thing holding back Madden is the lack of detail in the career mode, but for those who primarily play Ultimate Team. The game is perfect if one only plays the card-based game.

5.FIFA 17

Half of what holds back Madden; the same goes for FIFA, but with switching to the Frostbite, if FIFA keeps on improving, they will soon take the title of best soccer game on consoles. Unlike past games where a player speed was the only thing that mattered. Now you have to set up plays and play up to your players and formation strengths.

Career mode is more in depth having different types of goals depending on the team your choose.

From winning championship or gaining a presence in a county for financial reasons, but having questionable AI team building makes playing career mode a chore.

4.Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

If Pro Evolution Soccer could have the English Primer League, Germany’s Bundesliga and Major League Soccer license, more people would be playing PES.

Teams actually play like their re-life counter parts, from Tottenham’s high pressing style to Manchester United defensive first mindset.

The career mode is wonky at first for new players, but is more life-like compared to FIFA’s. By offering cut scenes of new signing, awards ceremony and holding the licenses for both UEFA Champions and Europa League to give your games a big time feel.

3.MLB The Show 16

For The Show,what else can San Diego Studio’s can add to push game over the top for the mantle of best sports game?

Even though there is no big time additions, this year’s version of the The Show is the best one in the series and is still a selling point of choosing a Playstation 4.

From getting close to perfect gameplay that is accessible to both new comes and veterans and improving quick counts helping make the game go by faster.

The SDS improved the best single player career mode in the sports genre, Road to The Show, by letting players play an entire series without having to go back to the main menu.

2.Football Manager 17

This game is not for everyone, but for those who give this game a chance will be thanking their lucky stars.

What holds people back from this game is that it is a manager only game.

Meaning that the only game play is choosing the formation and giving instruction during the game, the game does not even have a play now feature to help new players.

What makes up for those “negatives” is how in-depth the career mode, it is the most life like career mode in games.

From dealing with the media, transfers and scouting, and how to deal with players leaving if they are not happy with playing time, not happy with how the team or wanting a change of scenery.  In one play though, unhappy with playing in the Europa League, I had to promise Harry Kane that we would finish in the top 4, ensuring the Champions League.

I get more enjoyment from moments like this than playing matches.

1.NBA 2K17

Coming off what I think the best 2K in history of the franchise, NBA 2K14,

I was disappointed with NBA 2K15 and 2K16 thinking that 2K14 was the tipping point.

But with listening to what the players wanted fixed, 2K17 is the perfect basketball and sports game for casual and sim players. From fixing the sluggish feel of players on defensive, fixing the shooting system where all you had to do is get close to perfect with a player’s release to get a guarantee basket and, if someone has a better understanding of basketball, they could beat someone who has the better team.

Introducing expansion teams and voting for or against rule changes from changing the length of the shot clock, adding or removing the amount of fouls to get in to bonus or fouling out and the age requirement for the NBA draft, will keep you playing this game until 2k18 comes out.

1 Comment on Top 6 Sports Games of 2016

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa 17 are my favorites. I am a big Cristiano Ronaldo fan and I am always into football hence I love these two. Won’t comment about the others.


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