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Heather’s Cupcakes: A Sprinkle of Sweetness

by Rebecca Rhodes

The recipe to a perfect cupcake is not as simple as a dash of vanilla here and a dab of butter there. Heather Ashley has tweaked hundreds of recipes, and has brought out her best cupcakes to share.

Oct. 10 marked the grand opening of Heather’s Cupcakes at the Leaps of Faith Bakery in Mineral Wells, W.Va. Several gourmet flavors such as, red velvet, lemon, toffee, chocolate mint, and cookies and cream will be available to choose from.

“I don’t stop until a flavor is perfect. My recipe box looks like a maniac’s scratch pad with things added and crossed out, but these cupcakes are above and beyond,” Ashley said.

The price for a single cupcake is $2.50, a half of a dozen box is $12 and a dozen box is $24.

Ashley has looked around town for a space to open a storefront, but the responsibility of operating a business at this time was not ideal. After a business proposal to Leaps of Faith Bakery owner, Marcia Godbey, Ashley was granted a space for her sweet treats.

“I am excited to offer my cupcakes to people who have not tried them yet. I already have so many people who love what I do and support me, and without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I love,” Ashley said.

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Heather’s Cupcakes also caters weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and can even deliver a cupcake buffet. Besides catering, Ashley creates specialty cakes. The most memorable was a Call of Duty cake in which she made the bust of a soldier.

Ashley first started baking when her son turned one year old. People were so impressed with her creation that it sparked a desire to learn more and do increasingly difficult designs.

“Not only did I want people to be amazed by the designs, I wanted them to say it was the best cake they had ever tasted,” Ashley said.

This lead to Ashley crafting gourmet cupcakes. Gourmet cupcakes allow her to combine fillings, drizzles and toppings to make each cupcake a masterpiece.

“It will only take one trip to Mineral Wells for customers to get hooked,” Ashley said.

For more information, visit the Facebook business page, @HeatherAshleyCakes.

1 Comment on Heather’s Cupcakes: A Sprinkle of Sweetness

  1. Kristi Duckworth // October 19, 2016 at 11:47 am // Reply

    Heather has made several cakes/cupcakes for our family outings. She puts her heart into each one she makes. Couldn’t ask for any better tasting cakes. Give them a try.


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