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The Tutoring Center Prepares for Upcoming Changes

by Tyler Bennett

WVU Parkersburg is moving the Tutoring Center from the basement to the first floor next to the library, to help  students by providing them an easier location.

The move is expected to be completed by the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester. According to Program Coordinator Student Success Center Janice McCue, they have been trying to move the center to a better location for a while.

“Since we have been down stairs, students have often requested or mentioned to Dr. Rhonda Tracy and others that they would like to have the Center on first floor,” McCue said.

“When Dr. Tracy was here, she explored moving the Center, but she never found a space. Stephen Hupp, Director of Library, had discussed the quiet study space was under utilized, so Dr. Hank Dunn, WVU Parkersburg Senior Vice President, thought we could solve two problems at once,” McCue said.

With students getting more technologically advanced than ever before, proving the space for the center. The library’s book total will go from 50,000 to 25,000. The new center  will be taking the majority of the back in the libaray, but will not take away from the library itself according to McCue. “Partially, traditional books are still important, but most students are using digital books and online resources.  Dr. Dunn was hoping to combine both support services in a more accessible location,”  McCue said.

“Dr. Dunn decided to move the Center to the underutilized space in the library.  The tutors and I are excited for the opportunity to be more visible and to be given the chance to explore new ways to serve the students,” McCue said.

Other than changing the location, the center is making the experience for students easier to drop in and receive help.

“Most students are not aware they could benefit from tutoring services until it is a little too late. With drop in, we have removed the need to schedule an appointment.  Again, we are hoping the new space will make it easier [for students] to seek support. We believe we have created a stress-free, hassle-free, environment for WVU Parkersburg students,” McCue said.

“Faculty play a large role in guiding students toward support services such as tutoring. Also, the new location will give a convenient meeting space for instructors to build a relationship with their students.”

In conjunction with the new Student Services Center, students will now also have easier access to Tutoring Center to help them succeed in reaching their dream.

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