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Quantitative Literacy Comes to WVU Parkersburg

by Richard Hill

Math is changing at WVU Parkersburg. In the spring of 2017, a redesigned math program is being proposed for incoming freshman. New students will now be exploring their math credits their first semester in the form of Quantitative Literacy. This course will be replacing the original algebra and statistics courses that are generally found in the degree paths for every major WVU Parkersburg provides said Chris Cunningham, coordinator of the math department.

This course will be focusing less on math that would be irrelevant to one’s specific major. This will be providing a more tailored learning experience for all students on campus.

Students who have already completed their math credits, however, will not be required to complete this new course. Students already enrolled in college and haven’t taken their math courses have no need to worry, as they will receive the same credits for the new course as they would otherwise.

Quantitative Literacy will contain the same material as the predecessors but will be a more streamlined process, focusing on life skill based math, and aims to expand the bigger picture for students who may be less than stellar at mathematics.

This program will be akin to the current math division at Carnegie Mellon University, in which a “hybrid” style math is taught. This will be divided into three specific co-curricular segments;

  • Quantway, focusing on higher level mathematics
  • Statway, will will be a statistics and probability focused path
  • Stemway, which can be described as real-world mathematics.

The basis of the program is very similar to the wa the current English classes are running, with an available English lab. Quantitative Literacy, instead, will be applying the lab in class, working as a sort of in-house tutoring system.

It is believed that it will decrease the amount of students who either fail, or drop courses because of various reasons said Cunningham.

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