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WVU Parkersburg Adds College 101 for New Students

by Leah Carpenter

WVU Parkersburg decided to add and make College 101 a requirement for new students beginning Spring 2017.

Freshman will be required to take the course during their first semester.

“It is designed as a one-hour stand-alone course,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Cynthia Gissy.

Due to the amount of curriculum required in some programs, the course will be embedded.   These include the nursing, education and child development programs.

The course will focus on educating students on the assets of the university and how to transform into a successful college student.

It is intended to help students create a life plan that uses their education. Students will also learn how to manage financial assets.

WVU Parkersburg has spent a year working on the College 101 class.

College 101 was developed for the school by an appointed task force at WVU Parkersburg. Members on the task force were Andrew Rochus, Anthony Underwood, Cathy Ferris, Dr. Gissy, Julie Heller, Kelly Campbell, Kurt Klettner, Marie Butler, Mary Beth Held, Dr. Paul Cheng, Stephen Hupp, Terry Frame, Kelly Sprout, Heather Skidmore, Cathy Ferris and Pat Mollohan.

Three members from the appointed task force attended the National First Year Conferences to develop ideas for the course.

According to the course syllabus, students will finish the course with the knowledge of identifying campus resources and opportunities to broaden their academic goals and campus engagement.

Students will also learn analytical learning strategies and critical thinking skills for life-long success. How to develop a strong sense of self-responsibility within the campus community will be taught to students as well.

The task force has hopes that students will learn WVU Parkersburg values which are integrity, respect, inclusiveness, partnerships and creativity and innovation.

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