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The Pottery Place Hosts ‘College Nights’

by Rebecca Rhodes

The Pottery Place in Grand Central Mall is holding a series of “college nights” for students from surrounding institutions.

Next week, students from Marietta College and the Parkersburg Art Center will push away their first week jitters to focus their energy on something positive – making art.

“This is a chance for students to have fun with their peers and make a one-of-a-kind ceramic,” said Tonya Moyer, manager of the Pottery Place.

Students can choose from among 300 pieces of pottery and 100 paint colors to craft a masterpiece.

The studio is a welcoming place with its bright colored walls and smiling staff. Moyer said this is enough to shoo away any student’s anxiety about upcoming assignments.

“Painting is a therapeutic activity. People get the most creative knowing that their piece is for them and not something to be handed in for a grade,” said Moyer.

The pottery is glazed and fired onsite so students may pick up their piece in a week.

Monthly workshops and story art are also offered. Other studio events include birthday parties, church groups and field trips.

Reservations are not needed for customers; individuals or groups may walk-in to design their unique pieces.

The Pottery Place seats 100 people and allows food and drink in the establishment.

For more information go to or call 304.422.8722.

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