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Fusion Japanese Steakhouse

At Fusion Japanese Steakhouse is located in a strip-shopping-center just North of Parkersburg in Vienna. Many people gather there for their Hibachi grill dining experience, but can also enjoy the traditional dining.

The dining experience is very friendly and family oriented as well as entertaining.

The grill masters prepare the guests meal in their section together. They perform tricks to keep the guests laughing.

  The onion volcano, the egg trick, or the hot flames is what keeps the children’s attention.

You can dance to the music or laugh with a group of individuals that you may or may not know personally.

When you come in to the restaurant you are seated accordingly to the area around the grill that needs filled.

The servers are all very polite and outgoing. You can tell they enjoy their jobs.

The salad and soup that is served as an appetizer to each individual as well as the children is outstanding. The soup is by far my personal favorite.

There are a variety of choices printed on the menu, and it costs only a few dollars more to get a two-meat combo instead of one. Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Scallops and much more are a hot item along with fried rice and/or noodles.

Fusion Japanese steakhouse is a cozy place, not too expensive. The sushi is always prepared right. The sushi bar is also my favorite.

Come visit the newly renovated Fusion Japanese Steakhouse is where you can get a great meal and make many memories. It is absolutely beautiful.

by Sheena Cox

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