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Deadpool Slays in Theater

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) pauses from a life-and-death battle to break the fourth wall, much to the dismay of his comrades Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic).

Wade Wilson is back, and this time his mouth is not sown shut (see ridiculous 2009 Wolverine movie if you do not understand the reference).

This is the directorial debut of director Tim Miller and Deadpool does not disappoint. Miller gives us a fun, action-filled superhero comedy and a completely refreshing comic book movie.

This movie goes against the norm of the average “big budget” superhero movie and offers a completely unique experience and, for a relatively small budget. It cam in at an estimated $58 million, which is a little over one fourth of the Avengers: Age of Ultron’s estimated budget of $250 million.

The film is completely aware of how over saturated the film industry is with comic book films and manages to seemingly parody the genre.

Deadpool is not exclusively for comic book junkies or basement dwellers, but really is for anyone in need of hilarious comedy, a dash of action and a surprisingly touching love story. The R-rating does not take away from the film in any way, any other rating for this film would have left it ineffective.

Not only is Deadpool aware that he is in his own movie, but he is also aware of the budget of the film and the past roles of the actor portraying him. Ryan Reynolds is the Merc with the Mouth a.k.a. Deadpool, a raunchy wisecracking anti-hero who wasn’t always the way he is. Wade Wilson is an ex Special Forces operative working as a mercenary in New York and one night he meets a girl. He falls in love and all is well, until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Wilson is given an opportunity by a man named Francis through a shady top-secret program to be healed of his illness, and be given super powers. While reluctant at first, he accepts and undergoes a series of tests. The results are less than desired and he seeks revenge.

This origin story follows a simple revenge story formula and executes it in a way in that there is never a dull moment. Crammed packed with humor, action and cartoony violence, Deadpool is everything and more of what it was advertised to be.

The marketing campaign for Deadpool was exactly what it needed to be, utilizing the character in its ads through random PSAs and fake interviews, while marketing the character as well as the movie.

The action in the film is fun to watch, offering us straightforward action, with fluid movement and minimal cuts, which is rare to see in a modern action film that normally offer us an overbearing amount of cuts and a lazy distorted image made to look like action.

Take some time to go see this film. It is tons of fun, and worth the ticket. However please refrain from taking children. It is a Marvel film, but it is not a family-fun Marvel film. Hence the R-rating, which means do not take children.

Deadpool is an experience you dont want to miss in theaters. It is the most fun you will have in a film so far this year.

by Tyler Malm

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