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Distinguished Performance Series Hosts De Temps Antan

Canadian folk music pours from harmonicas, bouzoukis and guitars. Clogs clack against the floor to the beat.

The Distinguished Performance Series brings an international music group for the student and community entertainment.  Over the years, they have brought in both national and international events. “The performance series in general brings a wide variety of performing arts events,” Dr. H. G. Young, coordinator of the Distinguished Performances Series, stated.

The group, De Temps Antan, meaning “the time of yesteryear,” is a folk band with a twist. They play a myriad of French-Canadian folk music in a contemporary style. “It’s old music made new through this kind of high energy music,” Dr. Young said.

Not only is the group high energy, but they also have a talent native to French Canada: les pieds. This consists of a foot percussion made by way of a seated clogging. They play other instruments like the fiddle. “It’s a high energy group,” Dr. Young commented.

This particular performance series has been funded by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with the Mid Atlantic Tours fund. Because of this foundation, the Distinguished Performance Series has brought in many programs. “We’ve had probably eight or ten of those [performances] over the past decade,” Dr. Young said.

Despite the ever-constant battle of getting the community and students involved, Dr. Young is confident that, although the music is different, both parties will be in awe of the program. “The challenge for this is not that it’s going to be a great musical program, I am certain this will be. It may not be your kind of music; it may not be music you’ve ever heard before, but part of what the college experience is about experiencing things that are new.”

Dr. Young and the Distinguished Performance Series hope to bring in students and the community for this event at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 26. “The Distinguished Performance Series of West Virginia University of Parkersburg presents nationally and internationally recognized performers of dance, music and theatre arts presenting classical, contemporary, and ethnic expressions to serve our students and larger community,” Dr. Young stated.

by Kyleigh Hawes

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