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Student Founds Clothing Closet

Whether or not people want to admit it, first impressions are everything, even more so during a job interview. What you are wearing can make or break your chances without saying a word.

While some simply do not care about what they are wearing, others simply cannot afford the clothes and take care of them.

Current Multi-Disciplinary Studies Senior Amanda Stilgenbauer saw the need of supplying WVU Parkersburg students by giving them a reward for wanting to better themself by going to college,

As a Multi-Disciplinary Studies major, students final project have to involve all three of one disciplines. In Stilgenbauer’s case, she is studying in psychology, sociology and communication.

After tossing around multiple ideas, Stilgenbauer decide that by helping WVU Parkersburg students, she would be repaying the college for supporting her throughout the years.

“I ultimately felt like I wanted to do something that could help the campus that helped me. So I focused on being able to do something here at the school,” Stilgenbauer said.

Asking teachers, and even asking for ideas on Facebook, Stilgenbauer came across an article on the Internet about how other schools are helping students by storing clothes for job interviews.

Stilgenbauer decided it would be a good idea, especially for the college community. Acting like a library, students can sign up for clothes to use in their interview and return it after cleaning. There is no charge associated with the serivce.

It is tough to say what to wear for a job interview. It largley depends on location and job markets. In bigger towns, interviewer prefer a business suit. While locally, they are more lenient. With this dilemma in mind Stilgenbauer will take every style to give students thier best chance.


“I’m taking anything from official business suits to just dress pants, shirts, ties, shoes, and belts for both men and women of all sizes,” Stilgenbauer said.

Because these are for a interview, the clothes have to be in good condition. Normal wear and tear is fine; and they do not have to be perfect.

While you do not have to donate new clothes, Stilgenbauer will gladly accept them.

Located across from the Social Science Office in the banana wing, it is literally a small closet. It takes skills to organize clothes without taking much space.

While hoping for more room in the future, Stilgenbauer is just happy to have storage on campus.

“It is something we need and I think it could be beneficial, and hopefully sticks around for a long time to get a bigger location,” Stilgenbauer said.

At this moment, if someone needs clothes, they need to schedule a mutal time with Stilgenbauer. With not having set hours, Stilgenbauer wants students to understand that there will be privacy for them.

“Some people may be uncomfortable borrowing clothing because there is a social stigma, but there arevery few who actually know who’s come here,” Stilgenbauer said.

“I appreciated the fact that people are willing to donate, so I don’t want them to do anymore work than they need to. All they have to say is ‘I have clothes, come and get them.‘ We will set up a time with and do just that,” Stilgenbauer said.

The only downside to the project for Stilgenbauer is that she cannot be there all the time. Stilgenbauer is hoping to partner up with some of the student organizations to be available to watch over closet when she is not here.

While some students leave their projects behind once they graduate, Stilgenbauer feels so invested in her project that she will continue to help it grow.

“Even though I’m graduating in May, I want the program to grow. So I will continue working with the program as long as my outside commitment don’t interfere,” she said.

If interested in setting up a meeting to try something on or to donate clothes, you can reach Stilgenbauer by phone (304)-588-1598 or by email at

by Tyler Bennett

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