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Crumbaker Runs for Family Court Judge

From Skate-a-saurus to the next Family Court Judge. That is a path Chad Crumbaker is trying to follow.

The local attorney and college professor has experienced a little bit of everything during his life and career. Before college, he held down jobs as a Skate-a-saurus, local skating rink mascot, dishwasher and newspaper delivery man.

Crumbaker is a candidate for the Third Circuit Family Court Judge. He is asking voters to “Choose Chad,” May 10, to be their next Family Court Judge.

“I promise to work hard, be there and run the docket as officially as I can. You won’t regret electing me,” Crumbaker said.

Growing up in a blended family inspired Crumbaker’s dreams. Crumbaker has four brothers and two sisters, but at the same time is technically an only-child.

 “I know what it is like to be torn between your families,” Crumbaker said.

He graduated college in 2006 from the University of South Carolina and is well grounded in the court system. He has previously worked for both the West Virginia and Ohio state legislatures and served as the law clerk for Judge J.D. Beane of the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court. He is currently the Professor of Legal Studies at WVU Parkersburg and a Parkersburg attorney in a solo practice.

“My experience and perspective will be valuable to people in our community,” Crumbaker said.

Crumbaker is a husband, father, son and brother. Family is important to him. He stays involved with his family’s business, Pleasants Air Heating and Cooling, which his late father Robin Crumbaker opened in Pleasants County.

Crumbaker emphasizes if in the end no one is looking out for the child, the judge much step in and do so. He hopes by presenting a different prospective to the community and can open the eyes to individuals for positive change.

The candidate understands he will see a different side of the law if elected.  An attorney’s job is to present one side of the case, but the judge is neutral.

“If elected the next Family Court Judge, I will listen and understand both sides of the case to feel confident before making a decision,” Crumbaker explained.

The work load of the Family Court is very high because there are a lot of cases involving family issues. A judge has to know how to look at the people in different angles.

Because the office is a non-partisan position, the new judge will be elected during the May Primary instead of the November General Election.

When the voters go to the polls May 10, Crumbaker hopes they “Choose Chad” when they exercise one of their most important rights as citizens of the United States.

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