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Basketball Stays Focused on Goals

Blowing minds and breaking records, the men's Riverhawk basketball team is a force to be reckoned with.

A record of 11-4 sets  the Riverhawks apart from all other seasons for WVU Parkersburg Men's basketball, and allowed them to achieve the goals they aimed for at the beginning of the season. According to Coach Derek Fleming, "We are achieving our goals that we put forth for the season."

As a third year coach at WVU Parkersburg, Fleming says that it is a good feeling having the best season that WVU Parkersburg basketball has ever held, but it was a process. “This is my third year and it took time to get to where we are now. It didn’t happen overnight,” Fleming said.

Having an athletic team makes the games appealing to watch. The team keeps the atmosphere family-friendly says Fleming. “We are best at having fun and making it a fun atmosphere for people to watch,” Fleming said.

The Riverhawks like to keep the pressure on the other teams while scoring nearly 100 points a game. “It is a constant battle to stay focused on the TEAM goal,” Fleming said.

The part of the game that the Riverhawks struggle in, however, is defending. Fleming says that it is a constant work in progress when it comes to defense. “Getting everyone to buy into a concept for 40 minutes on defense is tough,” Fleming said.

Support for the team is also a struggling point for the team. Fleming says that the team is fun to watch. He also says it is a shame more people do not support the team. “Support is what makes it all worth it and that is the only thing we are missing in this winning season,” Fleming said.

Be sure to come support the Riverhawks, as they are halfway through their season with fourgames left. Out of the games remaining two of them are at home. Entries to games are free to students, faculty and staff of WVU Parkersburg.

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